Insanity Relapse

by Neuronia

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released May 14, 2012

Recorded March 15-29 at Progresja Studio, Warsaw
Produced, mixed and mastered by Paweł 'Janos' Grabowski
Cover art by Marcin 'Lycan' Smolarek (
Band photo by Aleksander 'Oloss' Skweres



all rights reserved


Neuronia Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Alone in the Dark
In the dark, strapped to a chair
Screams come from everywhere around
Beaten, bruised, I swallow my own blood
The door opens, I shrivel up inside

Fingernails pulled out with brutal force
Cigarettes burn, stubbed on my own skin
I am only nine, what have I done?
Why can’t you hear my muddled screams?

Why can’t you hear my call?
Have all of you grown deaf and wait until they kill us all?

Help us survive
We want to lead our lives
Without a warlord on our back and fear that dwells inside

Blindfolded, chained to a hospital bed
Burns and wounds all over my skin
No one responds to my cries of help
The only answer is a punch in the face

Suspended by my wrists I have hung
For hours, days, don’t know for how long
Inside a tractor tire I’ve bled
Beaten up with bats and electric prods

This goddamned land where people take a stand
Only to die from torture by their own countrymen

Rivers of blood mix with rivers of tears
People living under totalitarism for years

Will you remember me?
Or will I die in vain without a chance to be set free?

Please listen to my song
Tell all your friends that they will help if they just sing along
So I am not alone
Track Name: 3:33
Wasted hours
Devouring all your strength
Grey damp time
To which you must relent

Deep in the merciless night
The pillows burn
Ticking away the time
With twists and turns

Visions come
To pound your weary mind
Choices, plans
Not letting you unwind

And in the graying dark
Insanity dwells
Somewhere within its heart
Your private hell

Wasted hours, hopeless grey damp time
Visions come with choices and plans that won’t let you unwind

Your private hell…
Track Name: Kick the Fuckers Out
Open your eyes
Freedom is just
In your imagination
Countless sacks of shit feeding us lies

No end in sight
Was your choice right?
They are telling us that black is white

Do what is right
It's in plain sight
That we've had enough of their

Enough of hate
Enough of timewasting, mindless debates
They blame each other, we have to survive

Their shameless attitudes
Disguise ineptitude
Corrupt and crass, yet endlessly they thrive

On our blood
Face down in the mud
We've got to stand up and cause a

A flood of rage
A flood of anger that will bring us change
They won't expect it even in their dreams

A storm of equity
Out there for all to see
The sacks of shit, we'll rip them at their seams

They steal our lives
Destroying what we strive

Open your eyes
Open your ears
No holding back now
Point the finger on the ones you blame

Their power fades
Their hubris crushed
Who's laughing hard now?
Looks like lords and serfs are all the same

It's in plain sight
Run your own life
So you won't have to struggle to survive
Track Name: Moon Over Providence
The mystic haze of night awakens ancient dreams
The moon over Providence extends its pallid beams
Deep in the icy sea, the ghastly legions rise
Malevolent cravings behind their sleepless eyes

Nobody slept last night, nightmares from days of yore
Tenebrous visions reign on this plutonium shore
The demons of the deep start clawing on your soul
Beyond the wall of sleep your sense evades control

And on that hapless night the fate is for once sealed
What once was buried deep, now suddenly revealed

The shrieking madness calls to plunge into the sea
Without no second thought, herds follow hastily
The gods at first unknown, at once now recognized
The horror of old times unveils before your eyes

Your scaly shepherd smiles, this is the hour of doom
The stigma now revealed - back to your whirling womb
Repentance doesn't save the sinners of the past
A million-year-old grave, it welcomes the aghast

The darkness swallows all, the last scream is unheard
The gushes of the wind, they deaden every word

Ïa! Ïa! Yog-Sothoth! Ïa! Ïa! Shub-Niggurath!
Ïa! Ïa! Yog-Sothoth! Ïa! Ïa! Shub-Niggurath!

The hecatomb is made, Theobald sings his tale
No struggle, no demur - it was of no avail
The bloated corpses float beneath the hellish sky
The moon over Providence - it lights, it burns, IT DIES!