Under The Same Sky

by Neuronia

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'Under the Same Sky’ is the third full-length recording by Warsaw’s Neuronia, on which the band continues on the path chosen on their latest release so far – the four-track ‘Insanity Relapse’ EP. Eclecticism and mixing genres has been the band’s specialty for years, and the new album showcases their skills, containing power ballads, classic heavy & thrash metal riffs and influences from melodic death metal bands.


released December 14, 2015

Published and distributed in cooperation with DwaEM Media Group (www.dwaem.com)

Recorded in Feb-Apr 2015 at Heinrich House, Sonic Strike and Sound Division Studios
Produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by Filip ‘Heinrich’ Hałucha
Drum tracks recorded in Dec 2014 at JNS studio, engineered by Paweł ‘Janos’ Grabowski

All music by Neuronia
All lyrics by Tektur
Samples/Intros by Heinrich
Cover & artwork by Bisqp
Band photo by Wojtek Dobrogojski (www.fb.com/Fotoszoty)

Beton uses Fujigen Guitars
Neuronia uses David Laboga Cables

Media Patronage:
IronMedia (www.ironmedia.com.pl)
BloodArt (www.bloodart.cba.pl)
Fabryka Zespołów (www.fabrykazespolow.pl)
HeartBeat (www.heartbeat.net.pl)
KVLT Magazine (www.kvlt.pl)
Life4Sound (www.life4sound.pl)
Metal Mundus (www.metalmundus.pl)
Próbownia (www.probownia.pl)
Radio Revolta (www.radiorevolta.pl)

Shouts out to Michael Z & the 9th Circle Tattoo Studio: www.facebook.com/9thcirclestudio



all rights reserved


Neuronia Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Good Clean Fun
The weekend has begun, let's go and have some fun
Spend a night out on town, make our sorrows drown

The stress inside our heads, let's just make some mess
Let's drink ourselves dead and bash some skulls

Tonight ours is the might, so don't try to fight
Don't stand your ground or you're history

We are just having fun

Don't look us in the eye, don't give us that grin
Don't cross our path - you want to die?

Let's party all night long, let's sing a merry song
Let's roam the city streets, we won't accept defeat

Set out into the night, bottles in hand
Fists clenched tight! To fuck you up

The stress inside our heads, our brains are a mess
And we're seeing red, blood red

It's just some good clean fun, not like we're having guns
If anyone gets hurt, well - it's his just desserts

It's just a weekly routine that helps us clear our heads
Your Honor, I truly don't know why this guy ended up dead

The weekend has begun
Let's go and have some fun
Make somebody's life hell
And wake up in a cell
Track Name: Under the Same Sky
Once we lived as next door neighbors
Time has passed and blood was shed
War has torn it all apart
Our houses stained blood red
Tension rose and hatred blew up
Occupation bled us dry
New order brought on bayonets
Old times suffocated with barbed wire

We'll remember how
Your lives were shattered
Just in case, so we
Learn from your mistakes

We live under the same sky
We love and hate, laugh and cry
Molded from the same dirty clay
Madness makes us turn our heads away

Centuries of mutual sins
Feeding on each others' lives
Our enemies had to win
Divide and conquer - that's their sign
Their job was easy as hell
Pit one against the other
Then rang the funeral bells
A generation swiftly smothered

We live under the same sky
Born here and here we're gonna die
Our past had left so many scars
Our future - don't let it be marred!
Track Name: Get Ready For War
Sunday evening is at you again
Stress and fear ripping through your brain
Monday morning is closing in on you
Hours away, there's nothing you can do

Grab a beer, turn on the TV
Gameshows and moronic comedies
No distraction from your tragic fate
Even if, it's already too late

Tick-tock goes the clock in your head
Clench the pillow in your sweat-soaked bed
Nightmares if you only can dream
Panic or sorrow - nothing in between

Your mind is running high on fire
No salvation, no time to rewire
This is just your weekly chore
Try to sleep... as you get ready for war

Bloody visions of tomorrow's dangers
Pressure's high - anxiety's not a stranger
Flush it down with sleeping pills
The only outcome is you feeling ill

Tension mounts, feels like in a tomb
You'd crawl back to your mama's womb
Wake up at dawn, your mind is blown
Get on the bus - it's time for you to go!
Track Name: Dialogues of a Love Lost
You've turned away - I had to turn
Please understand - I'll never learn
Don't leave me here - I stopped to care

I haven't changed - You're not the same
It was for you - I'm not to blame
I've done my part - I'm out of this game

Love, burn my soul
Is it time to go?
What is the face of truth?
Is it me or is it you
Hate this game
I'm tired, cold and drained
Love, tell me the truth
Can we go on or are we thru?

I'm left for dead - It was your call
Don't waste my life - You're on your own
Why can't you change? - I am not wrong

My heart is torn - That's just like mine
I'm on my knees - Don't waste my time
Is there no chance? - It's the end of the line

Love, burn my soul...

There's no chance to rebuild what we have lost
All is burnt - our love has turned to rust
Track Name: Imminent Slaughter of Irrational Shitheads
Come here, brethren, against the Great Satan we have to retaliate
Behead all those who insult us, sanctify ourselves with hate
Cut-throat mentality against Western immorality
Exterminate infidels and build our own state

Rise, drop the lies
'Bout the religion of peace
Let the taqiyya cease
Ignore all their cries
Now that they see our true face
Let them die in disgrace
Die... let them die!

We've been suffering for so long at the hands of the kaffirs
They have poisoned our people with television, rock and beer
We cannot stand this any longer, foreign help has made us stronger
Let's end the mind pollution and kill it with fear

Hey brothers, look at the skies!
What happened to our allies?
Fire and death now descends!
By God, is this our end???

Run, run and hide!
The infidels have found us
And death is around us
Lord, hear us now
Listen to our cries
Do you want our demise?
Why? Why?

In a burning heap of rubble we cringe for our life
72 virgins - no, thank you, I would rather just survive
I was shooting infidel kids? Well, that's just politics
Oh, take us back to our lands, don't leave us to die!
Track Name: An Elegy
When I was young and dumb I thought that life would never end
My heroes would live long and I won't lose any of my friends
So many years have passed, death chose you with its chilling touch
Back then who would have guessed that I would miss you oh so much

And though your days are done, I will always be your friend
And every mile I run, you're with me to the very end
And everything you've done sings a bitter song inside my head
Reminding me that you're away forever, stone cold dead

Memories - good a1nd worse run like a movie through my brain
Though some of them just hurt I'd give a million to relive them again
We've been through good and bad, smooth sailing and some blazing storms
Sometimes I'm just plain mad that you're not here anymore

And though your days are done, I will always be your friend
And every mile I run, you're with me to the very end
And everything you've done sings a sweet, sweet song inside my heart
If that's the course of things, goddamnit, why is it so hard?

Some things are better left unsaid
Dark thoughts like clouds in my head
Bad dreams and bitter wasted years
Maybe you're better away from here?
Track Name: Death and Taxes
Fuck this wasteland, I'm running away
Towards greener pastures, dignity and better pay
Death and taxes, the only sure things in life
Work hard and pay up - that's the drill, no end of this fucking strife

I've lived here since I was born
Others look at me with scorn
Toiling my best years away
Tons of stress and shitty pay

Mass exodus, no return, two millions and counting
No work and no perspectives, survival - that's the thing
No cash for a home, no money to raise kids
Big business rules here with antihuman politics

I've lived here since I was born...

Make more money and drown us all
Less protection - more control
With our rights let's do away
And let the big shots have their pay
Destroy the fabric of society
Make life harder for you and for me

I've endured it all my life
I have no more strength to fight
Gotta leave it all behind
I'm packing up, it's leaving time

Fuck this wasteland, I'm running away
Towards greener pastures, dignity and better pay
Track Name: The Descent
The world around us shakes in fear
Grimaces shine through a bland facade of cheer
Thought and conciousness lose all significance
No room for reason, no room for common sense

The sun shines on and it will after we're gone
Our road is bent, littered with signs of our descent

It seems our future has never been so bright
A world of science and everlasting light
Yet underneath darkness creeps through our dreams
How long untill our songs end in a frightful scream?

And then we'll go, no goodbyes, no last 'hellos'
Our road is bent, littered with signs of our descent into...

Track Name: Anger Spent
Hiding beneath a grin, you had me suckered in
Words of deceit spilled from your mouth like shit

I've wasted so much time listening to all your lies
Thought you're my friend - here's your punishment

You liar, loser, fucker, indiscriminate hypocrite
So happy that I am far away from all your hopeless shit

I've wasted so much time thinking 'bout what is right
I should have known, seen through what you've shown

Preaching hypocrisy for weeks, months and years
You wore a mask to tone down all my fears
Now that I have the chance to look at your true face
I finally see why people think you're a disgrace

An advocate for lies, I've held your flag up high
Now it's the end - there's nothing to amend

You've wasted so much time not getting what is mine
My anger's spent, good riddance, my ex-friend
Track Name: Last Shot
Last shot, let's move 'em out
Screams echoing in your mind
Salvation or damnation?
Truth is so hard to find
"No doubts, no second thoughts"
Orders were crystal clear
No time to dwell and ponder
Do your job and get out of here

And then you look at the sky And you start wondering why
Can you stand up and say 'no'! You'd be the next one to go...

...on our way! We've got a world to save!
Wipe out the infestation
Dance on their makeshift graves
At night, let's drink and smoke
Shoot smack into our veins
Fuck whores and slap them 'round
Pay them with pocket change

Join up and see the world, It helps if you like gore
Nightmares? Don't be a wuss! Man up, don't make a fuss

And then your head does you in You know you can't do a thing
The victims scream in your sleep Before you wake up and weep

On the street, looking for an easy fix
Nights of drink and violence
Leaving you blown to bits
Now you know your fate
Now you know what's true
You click back the hammer
The last shot is for you